How to Become a Social Worker

How to Become a Social Worker

Gaining a psychology degree not only opens up the mind and gives students access to the subtle complexities of a person’s psyche, but it also opens up a number of job opportunities.

One of the biggest and most important jobs someone can get with a psychology degree is in social work. Social workers are everywhere and help more people on a daily basis than most may realize.

What does a social worker do?

A social worker’s responsibilities are as varied as the brain, but their main goal is to improve people’s lives and as a result, improve society. There are two types of social workers, those who work with helping people through problems in their everyday lives and those who are more clinically focused, diagnosing and treating mental and emotional issues. With all these responsibilities, it can be easy to see how a psychology degree can help.

A social worker helps people cope with challenges at every step of their life. They are the crisis counselors, the group therapy leaders, the school counselors. Social workers take up many names in their work but in the end, their goal is the same. To help people and make life better for everyone around them.

While some prospective employers may be looking for a degree in social work, many will take a psychology degree as it covers much of the same ground. Whether you work with a clinic or on your own, having a psychology degree will be helpful regardless.

Social Worker Salary and Job Expectations

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the job market for social workers is in the middle of a big boom that will last another seven years. 161,200 jobs (or a 25% job increase) will be/have been made available from 2010 to 2020. Social work is proving to be a big job market for those with a psychology degree.

Social workers averaged $42,480 in 2010, according to According to, a social worker can expect to make around $44,138 in today’s market.

Nearly everyone has worked with or spoken to a social worker at some point in their life. These mental experts are kind, compassionate, and able to touch people’s lives in more ways than many deem possible.

If you are looking at a psychology degree, pursuing a career as a social worker should be high on your list. The market is growing, the salary is solid, and you have the opportunity to help people in ways you never thought possible.

Start your path towards a career in social work and get your psychology degree.

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